Reviews for "Jealous Guy"

John lennon = awesome

the best pixel art ever :) i would love to make a beatles game with you after seeing this :D

EdpR responds:

I would love to make a beatles game :)

I see what you did there

Very clever :D
I can't Imagine why Nobody told me What goes on here on NG's art page, Because I've just seen a face, Hello Goodbye to him, and Oh! darling, how this Please pleases me, so now I feel fine

EdpR responds:

lol, that was clever too :)

what about Mr Ringo Starr Rockdrigo?

-that dude is totally alive making music. and fuck you registar, prick.


Ok, pal, you made me draw a smile in my face with this submission. Pixel Art plus John Lennon. Adding the fact that it is not just John Lennon, is the life of John Lennon in The Beatles exposed in a picture. I saw the picture of McCartney too, I'd write the same there. I hope to see two pictures for the other two. I'd love to see George Harrison's.

Keep it up!

EdpR responds:

John Lennon deserves that and more, I know there are people that disagree, but he was a great man, I mean, he regretted the bad things he did with his life and tried to have a better and peaceful life and of course he wrote some kick ass songs...
anyway thanks for the comment,
I'll submit the missing beatles once I'm done...

Love me do.

John "Epic" Lennon, may he RIP.
Great artwork!