Reviews for "Jealous Guy"

I'll comply with the previous 10's

I believe Registar is the 'Jealous Guy' the title speaks of. Also, really nice pixel art, and the Beatles are definitely -not- a terrible band. D:

EdpR responds:

Thanks :)
Of course not, they are awesome


kool artwork

That's the coolest thing i've ever seen

even weirder that i was listening to number 9 dream when i saw this : S

I see what you did there

Very clever :D
I can't Imagine why Nobody told me What goes on here on NG's art page, Because I've just seen a face, Hello Goodbye to him, and Oh! darling, how this Please pleases me, so now I feel fine

EdpR responds:

lol, that was clever too :)

He's one of the greatest beings ever.

It's like a 16-bit-sort of version of him.

EdpR responds:

I'm not sure about thr 16bit part, lol.
thanks :)