Reviews for "Jealous Guy"

This makes me smile.

Seriously, this is an amazing piece, and I'm so glad it got to be on the front page so I could see it. Thank you for making this.


I liked the overall concept, but not John Lennon. Ringo was whimsical and imaginative, even if he didn't get to write many songs. Paul had the softest heart, and was there for Julius when his dad ran off with Yoko. I don't know much about George Harrison, other than he is dead. Last, you forgot to draw him in his Walrus Costume.


Damn man nice art, all of it. It's pixel-rific.

EdpR responds:

Long time no see Snubby, thanks :)


Ok, pal, you made me draw a smile in my face with this submission. Pixel Art plus John Lennon. Adding the fact that it is not just John Lennon, is the life of John Lennon in The Beatles exposed in a picture. I saw the picture of McCartney too, I'd write the same there. I hope to see two pictures for the other two. I'd love to see George Harrison's.

Keep it up!

EdpR responds:

John Lennon deserves that and more, I know there are people that disagree, but he was a great man, I mean, he regretted the bad things he did with his life and tried to have a better and peaceful life and of course he wrote some kick ass songs...
anyway thanks for the comment,
I'll submit the missing beatles once I'm done...

this is an epic point of veil

Shows all the the states John Lennon Till some point and you used songs he sang in the beatles
this deserves more than 10/10