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Reviews for "Black Omen"


this is what staying in school and being talanted can do for you

Blud-Shot responds:

school did play an important role, I hated it so much I turned to drawing like a madman for stress relief loll


You're a good artist, more submissions would be appreciated. Keep it up and best of luck to you.

Very Awesome

Please do more, that's awesome...even Krinkels thinks so :p

Just wow.

All the effort you put into this really shows. You did a fantastic job with the shading and reflection. I think its a really awesome detail of Hank... If he had arms lol. Good one though.

This pic scares the hell out of me, but in a good way, serously i cant believe how much you must ahve put into this, insanely amazing! guess what pic just made it into my Favorites!