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Reviews for "Black Omen"

holy sh*t

looks badass


Very well drawn, I love it. I hope you win the art contest!

awesome as hell

This awesome i love the gor and slasher effects


Everything in this piece just works perfectly together, the colours, the style and the roughness to it, brilliant work!

Wow, this is a truly awesome picture if only because you create a whole new spin on the Madness series. I have seen tons of imitators, but this is one of the best. It mostly works because you show this wonderful realistic reprsentation of what Hank would look like. If there ever was a depiction that tried to be as close to real life as possible, this would be it. The proportions are especially fantastic. There's a lot going on if you look closely.

If you look at the bottom part, you can see some dead Madness guys. The red tints in this are simply flawless! I love how you see this big hulking guy looking awesome. It takes some really hard looking to even find the inner details of this guy. You are an artist good enough to do the task. No wonder this is popular!