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Reviews for "Black Omen"

very brutal and awesome

What a very interesting artwork. This character is shrouded in many mysteries. The dark use of colours also helped with the effect, and with only red that is the second prominent colour, as it is high-lighted in the BG and their eyes, we can assume that whatever they were or did, it was not pretty.

Hank killed the bad guys and then there was blood all over the place! Weeeeeeeeee!!!

Very dark

OKso here is somethinggood, it is dark but i guess that was the theme you were going for, dont get me wrong i like it and like the drawing and the colors is good, but im thinking that more effects like with some "GLOW"on the eyes especially, but with some effects it could have that extra touch, But anyways nice work here, gooddrawing, so keep up the good work.

Add some glow effects mainly in the eyesmaybe some shine areas.