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Reviews for "Bored Of Waiting"


haha this was great, that is defantaly what it`s like to wait.

Dark-Frando responds:

XD it sure is =)

Thanks for reviewing =D

wow boring...

in a good way...this song is slow...its shit to wait....

Dark-Frando responds:

I could of used this song quite alot recently >< boring isn't fun after the first 2 seconds!

thanks for reviewing =D


ill have to agree with beansinacan, it is really slow and boring, reminds me of my summer....

Dark-Frando responds:

Well you know what time of year we're coming to that this song will come into play? CHRISTMAS! good old Christmas shopping -_-;

Thanks for the review


im gettin z's from this
good job10/10

Dark-Frando responds:

Thanks, I think XD it's getting hard to see if people hate my song or like it =P

Thanks for commenting ^^


Holy crap... I can now HEAR boredom, really this song makes me in the mood to do nothing at all while wanting to do something... Great, now I am FEELING boredom.. Is that possible?