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Reviews for "Alien-Snatchattack"

alien orgy

nothing quite like a few little green men gang banging an earthling.

You you!

awsome game man i liked it alot. Made me horny a few times, but it took me a while i played. I got 3 aliens done doing her at one time and im like "WHAT!??" then i figured it out. Good job

Mabye you should make a sequel?

aliens wow

they seem to be more horneyer then half the guys on earth lol this was a really fun game but it was doing the samething over and over again...but it was pretty cool shooting the dogs...

poor doggies!!!!

great game!!! i guess aliens need a little love too. had to give it a nine, i am a dog lover.

not bad

i think the aliens are kinda cute! ^_^
pretty fun!