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Reviews for "Alien-Snatchattack"

really funny n original

it had wicked grapics I think its a 10 star game


Great game :) good porn too

UltraFighter you dumbass. DON´T click the link. Its just some shitty outwars thing.


Addictive lil game with some porn....my lil brother beat it before me...he said it was like a cartoon network.com game or something...

loved it!

it was great man!

not bad

you guys should do another one of these, as simple as this, but with more levels. Different girls, different number of aliens, different positions, heck make more girls in one room, like a bunch drunk, passed out chicks after a party, and you have to gett all the little green dudes on the chicks, however many needed for each chick. Make it to where you have to trank other chicks who wake up from catching the little guys, cause I don't think you can have dogs in every level