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Reviews for "Alien-Snatchattack"

I wish i were an alien

lol like i said i wish i was an alien


This is some great shit. Make more like this and keep it up.


this was so dam fun and funny i liked it not too hard either at first i was getting the dogs the ___ they wanted then i realized the aliens needed it lol

Holy shit! This is great!

Wow all your stuff is amazing Mindchamer! This game really only fun for a laugh or two, maybe if you made levels with other women and more dogs that would be a lot cooler. Still, the humping dogs were hillarious, LOL!

The animation is a perfect ten, the dogs were designed great( like anyone cares about the dogs) and the woman was quite hot. The techno music fit in pretty good with the aliens too. The game itself is kind of hard to handle though, especially the dogs are really annoying, you gotta put them all in the corner just to stop them for like five seconds.

Overall, fun game with good animation but is missing a good plot.


who knew aliens had dicks?

why see has all whose dogs.
why they all pick here