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Reviews for "Forehead Shavecut"


You confused the crap outta me, and I liked it! Very bizzare, and yet entertaining, by any chance are you a fan of homestarrunner?


that was ridiculous (in a good way)

Confusing, but tons of fun

Very confusing, and I had no idea what was going on for the first minute or so, but I ended up loving it. The transitions between things are hillarious. I love it!

watch it 2 times!!its awsome

the second time you watch it, its way better,,,i dont know why,,,its just better,,,the second time

Overflowing with random goodness

My god I have no idea how many times ive actually seen this. But to still make me laugh even after seeing it so many times this flash has to be great. One of the best all around cartoons ive seen in my entire life.