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Reviews for "Forehead Shavecut"

Very original......

Uh, um.....uh....ah......jesus...I don't know what to say except WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT MAN! FUNNY STUFF! Lemme ask you one question though: Are you from this planet? If not we come in peace, and uh.....make more cartoons.

Great stuff

LOL. Finally, sumone with MY sense of humor. Ur great man. U get all my 5's. This is goin to my favs

Bestest FLASH movie i evere SAWed in a LIFE!

I was am saying that is the bestets movie i ever sawed! I liked the basil part with it becuz i laughed.. and my penis fells off and runs out the door is becuz i liedk the movie so much! GEEE!!!


Oh man! that ruled sooooooooooooo bad! YAY! i have a new flash god.

The most Brilliant and Stunning Flash Ever.

I must say, The Animation was fantastic, The story, OH THE STORY. BRILLIANCE. BRIIILLLIIIANNNCE. RIVITING. I was on the edge of my seat the entire showing. This masterpiece should be immortalized in GOLD. SOLID GOOOLD. Now everytime I see this movie, I cry uncontrolably at its greatness. A PERFECT TEN. Good show. Good show. *Tear*