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Reviews for "Forehead Shavecut"


You probably should put that being high, stoned, and drunk at the same time was a requirement to watch this.

what was you smoking?

I need to know how I’m going to say this, you guys need to improve much much better..... Because that just plan sucked in my opinion. Your graphic and sounding just sounded crappie I under the theme you try go by but you did a terrible job on it. But one question still I need say that remains... What were you smoking?


This was....different. I don't know what everyone else is on, but I didn't find this flash very...entertaining. I didn't find any it really funny, but keep trying. Everyone else seemed to love it so you did something good.

Why is this here?¿?

As I stated Why is this hear... I have the misfortune of a long attetion span and because of that I wasted my life watching this. Pointless right... But isnt being pointless haveing the point that you dont have a point? But a theme would have helped... It wouldnt hurt to be funny... I know what I dont like and I hate to say it Bro but this tosses salads...

scroo yoo.

funny but there are british people watching. BLAAAAAAAAM!

jessejayjones responds:

Sounds like someone hasn't had their tea and crumpets today.