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Reviews for "Forehead Shavecut"

that was a piece of shit

first of all that was not funny. i couldnt understand most of what was said, the peach was crackily, and what was supposed to be funny was just past crap, british & moses? that was gay!

srry dood

UM.. i really didnt find it at all appealing... if your going to do random sceens, make them racier and more quick (2 second each, not 10)

.....I don't even know.....

Y'know, as I started watching this, I hoped it would be at least a "little" humorous, but as it continued, I soon realized that the only reason I was still watching it was because of some scant, morbid, curiousity I have, and because I like to finish what I start.......I think you may need professional help.......

uuuhhh oookay!!!

can loosen my sense of humor any more and still lost me!


This was....different. I don't know what everyone else is on, but I didn't find this flash very...entertaining. I didn't find any it really funny, but keep trying. Everyone else seemed to love it so you did something good.