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Reviews for "Forehead Shavecut"


If ADD was a form of flash movie this would be it.

wow my head hurts that was weird

my girlfriend casught me watching this and she left me because of this i recommend nobody watch this

I Actually Dozed Off

This made me rest my chin on my chest and fall asleep. I have just now woken up. C'mon, man. Seriously.


you are such a good animator, why would you choose to make something anoying like that instead of making something creative ? I mean the whole thing was just plain anoying I diddn't even stand waching the whole thiong, mostely because of the voices I think..

.....I don't even know.....

Y'know, as I started watching this, I hoped it would be at least a "little" humorous, but as it continued, I soon realized that the only reason I was still watching it was because of some scant, morbid, curiousity I have, and because I like to finish what I start.......I think you may need professional help.......