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Reviews for "Forehead Shavecut"

best movie!

thats one of the best movies on newgrounds! dont know why fags gave it 1s and 2s, dont know what hes smoking but you got to give me some of the stuff alright

i just need to say.........

lol rofl hahahahaha hihihihihihi hehehehehe hohohohohoho muuuhahahahahahaha thats whas some funny shit :D


That was possibly one of the stupidest cartoons I've ever seen, Keep u the good work ;)


Y'know, a lot of people find this sort of random comedy stupid and pointless but to that other crowd, much like myself, It's complete comedic gold! Keep it up, I'll expect another movie from you.


It made no sense! it was pure insanity! nad u know what i loved it for those to reasons. It was hilarius u have to watch it.