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Reviews for "Forehead Shavecut"


I want drugs.

go to a sperm bank every day

you're seed needs to be harvested and duplicated to create a super breed of incredibly random, creative artists that constantly induce seizures. Well done!


This is like the stuff that goes on inside my head! "Haha I fooled you it wasn't actually cinnaman it was basil now you will die of basil poisoning" This was perfect, except that you can barely hear the people talking.


Great work,man!!!!!i totally get it!!!!the cowboy part owns!!!!!!!dundudndudndund..........


i seem to have soiled myself... uh huh.... PIE!!!!!! CHERRY PIE FULL OF CAKE?... YES! IT IS, NO I AM NOT FARMLAND SECURITY YOU CRAZY HUNK OF MELON LOAF...