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Reviews for "Forehead Shavecut"


Extremely random collections of short funny scenes always go down well. This is no exception. And obvioulsy I'm not the only one reminded of Monty Python's Flying Circus sketches...
It made me laugh quite a few times... are you going to make any more?

That was so freak'n funny!

holy shit i dunno what that was but it was great. make more of this stuff

I liked it

That was really funny! I didnt really understand all what was said because i'm german, but i was laughing like a maniac.


Arfenhouse humour, Monty Python quality.
I alreadyy linked you on my site kevio.net, this has gotta be one of the funniest flashes ive seen.

Ouch, movie title hurts!

This is... wordless.
Enspired by Monty Python? If you are, I think you just managed beating them in their own game.

Delicious movie, hand out fnoscars everyone!