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Reviews for "Forehead Shavecut"

Holy Crap!

You're a fucking genius!


This made my life so much better. I laughed for so long because they said DAHR at the end that thats something i said accidently and my friends wouldnt stfu about it. And the water parted and the fish died

Confusing, but tons of fun

Very confusing, and I had no idea what was going on for the first minute or so, but I ended up loving it. The transitions between things are hillarious. I love it!

This cartoon is awesome!

I loved the wobbly effects! How do you make it look so fluid yet messy? The sound quality is pretty poor. Until the subtitle captions were added, there were parts I couldn't understand. The style is great. "Forehead Shavecut" is a brilliant take on the increasingly popular nonsense cartoons. Rather than import crappy images and make them move around with voice-overs, you've done something great. THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST HILARIOUS CARTOONS ON NEWGROUNDS! If you don't want to see some of Newgrounds's best, watch this.