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Reviews for "Forehead Shavecut"

Brain is British and its been defeated by Random

I saw this by accident really. My Mouse went all funny and i accidently clicked the wrong link! But YAY Mouse because i really loved this! It was sooo.... random! random rocks! Nice one
My Mouse will seek out more of your stuff now

I saw it on ABS and I still didn't get it...

...or maybe I do...or maybe I'm just overanalyzing.

Well, it makes me giggle for both randomness and references, either way.


rofl!!! i never somthin' sooo random!

I love this!

this is a very good video. A bit cheesy, (in the good way, It tastes good, a bit like cheese, if I am allowed to say so)and the fast-paced action of this video form of entertainment just so happens to only appear logical to those over the age of twelve. This is a good thing, because it now means that you can put some hidden humor in another video that only people who watch the video multple times will catch, and you'll have to be over the age of stupidity (12) to understand. No offense to anyone the age of twelve or under. that would really suck if the creator of this video was the age 12 or under, because then I might get hounded across the internet for the rest of my life. :)>

Classic flash!

I saw this Back when AlbinoBlacksheep was still relevent! The randomness has aged well!