Reviews for "Aura: story mode"

Awe striking

My mouth is still gaping. That's all you really need to say to describe the moive, it just puts you in awe. If you remmeber I previously reviewed Aura and made it my number 1 favorite flash....well it's happening all over again on a much, much, larger scale. Your art, magnificently hand drawn; and inspiration to all flash aritists. The story; genious. The characters; though only viewing them for a short time, you feel like you know every one of them. There have been few full-scale movies that gave me a reaction like this, I think it's mostly your story, I just want more of it. I also think this is a much bigger project then you initially thought it would be, and you should definatly consider massive expansions to this amazing flash.....it truly is a work of art.

Sarkazm responds:

glad my work proves inspirational.
as for the size of the project, i just merged some of my recent and less recent projects into one. and don't worry - the will be a HELL lot more...
...when the time comes:)

Absolute Genious

Wow pure genious, in the style of Aeon Flux. I love the movie! it was great it sets an awesome mood. Great job!!! please make more many more


That had to of been one of the best flashes i have seen in my entire life u deserve more than a 10 u should have a 100!!!!! perfect just perfect


Amazing. Truely amazing work. I'd really like to see more of this. I think you have something going there. And the music fits so well! =) Please, produce more Aura! =P


THat was fantastic, such a mood man, that was very, um. BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!