Reviews for "Aura: story mode"


very, very impressive. your use of sound and sense of timing was second to none. I have always thought that sound was just as important (if not moreso) than visuals in a movie or an animation and this proves my point

and the scene with the glowing guy on the crucifix totally reminded me of evangelion :)

holy shit

That was long, and amazing, great job.

Dark is good

Nice job, the B&W really helps the primary colors jump out. The audio really helped to set the mood. This movie without the music would of been a 2 or a 3. I like seeing b/w flash. I think it's more difficult since you only have so many shades of grey. Keep it up.

Woulda given it a 10 but...

The storyline was just too hard to follow. Wouldn't mind knowing why they were wearing all that gear... Or why he was so powerful... Or why I voted a 5 for this movie. ^_^ Gj anyway.

Kick Ass

that music was from 28 days later wasnt it....nice. deadly movie..keep it up man/


Sarkazm responds:

godspeed you black emperor! (fantastic completely unknown band, at least to my knowledge) DID have its piece in 28 days later. not sure if that's the same as one here, but can be..