Reviews for "Aura: story mode"

Very professional

This flash was really great. The animation was excellent, the characters' movements were very natural and believable. It had a really cool feeling to it that immediately drew me in. The only beef I have was that blank white segment where nothing was going on except for music. But anyway, you have alot of talent, keep it up man.

Ho-ly shit.

This is definitely the best thing on NG. Also, there is a plot; I can see it quite clearly. And this is better than the first. I just recently watched the original, and this one's definitely better. I love the music, graphics, storyline and character development.You must make more. I vote a 5. This is going on my favs.=D

Awe striking

My mouth is still gaping. That's all you really need to say to describe the moive, it just puts you in awe. If you remmeber I previously reviewed Aura and made it my number 1 favorite flash....well it's happening all over again on a much, much, larger scale. Your art, magnificently hand drawn; and inspiration to all flash aritists. The story; genious. The characters; though only viewing them for a short time, you feel like you know every one of them. There have been few full-scale movies that gave me a reaction like this, I think it's mostly your story, I just want more of it. I also think this is a much bigger project then you initially thought it would be, and you should definatly consider massive expansions to this amazing flash.....it truly is a work of art.

Sarkazm responds:

glad my work proves inspirational.
as for the size of the project, i just merged some of my recent and less recent projects into one. and don't worry - the will be a HELL lot more...
...when the time comes:)

that was unbeleivable

Holy Shit! My mouth was dropped open the whole time. I loved this. You're work is fucking great. It was inspiring. Beautifully done man. I wanna see more.

I was in a state of shock

This has to be one of the best flash movies I've ever seen on Newgrounds... ever.

The animation style is amazing -- characters are very dynamic, portrayed in a wide variety of angles, with amazing lighting effects. The fusion of 3-D vector and what appears to be frame-by-frame animation is seamless, flawless in every regard -- This is amazing!

The whole film was synchronized astoundingly well with the music, which enhanced the dramatic aspects by unlimited bounds. Beatiful soundtrack, that fits extremely well with the animation.

The attention to detail is flawless. Every aspect of this film only serves to strengthen it. The choice of black and white with only blood colorized allows you to have dramatic lighting and emphasize certain aspects of the film. The shattering glass, the depiction of the marching army... amazing. And don't even get me started on how incredible that first-person-perspective scene was. I don't know how you do it, but you did it in an amazing way.

I will not be happy until this gets at LEAST daily feature and an extremely high spot in the weekly features. Amazing stuff, man. Simply amazing.

Sarkazm responds:

review very appreciated.
thank you.
and yes, a whole lot of the movie is painful frame-by-frame. yet looks like it was worth it:)