Reviews for "Aura: story mode"

Have you ever played Iron Storm?

The reason I ask is because the weapons and characters look very similar to what I've seen in Iron Storm

Sarkazm responds:

i've been misfortunate enough to play the demo.

they stole some of my ideas and changed it into a terrible game:)...
or rather :(


That was great! Can't wait to see the second one! Keep up the great great great work!


one of the best flash ive seen. keep it up. few glitches but still very well done.


This was a great movie very nice animation style and the violence and action was great Very talented work this is smiply awsome


Whenever someone's lips were moving, it was almost impossible to figure out what they were getting at. I did not, either, understand the significance of the scene where they're doing CSI with the dead guy, and his vision. All I recognize is the prisoner there on the roof with them.

Perhaps you can be somewhat less cryptic? In any event, your artwork was excellent, and the soundtrack was also good. The only complaint I had is that it was hard to understand. Perhaps I will come back a second and third time to try to understand it better.