Reviews for "Aura: story mode"

Great job!

I saw the first one, guess that one could be named as a prequel.
I want see where will you take this plot farther. But I guess it won't be soon...or am I wrong?


That was insanely amazing. First submission I've ever seen that used Godspeed (and used well). Excellent work. One of the best things on Newgrounds ever. Wow.

What invites to think, CANĀ“T be better

Excellent JOb, nice duo tone style, and a story line that invites you to use your brains!!!

A lot better that de silly comedy full of violence

Effort when displayed

;''preferably I dont care for movies with no diallog that doesnt mean i think this is inferior well no I enjoyed to watch the movie. Has anyone seen my hat.


I loved every minute of it. I hope that everyone can tell how much time an effort was put into this, because I sure can. Don't stop what you are doing, because you are definatly gifted.

Oh, and might I add that the musical score was superb, I ENJOYED EVERYTHING! Keep it up, waiting on the third installment. . .