Reviews for "Aura: story mode"


I saw the first Aura it was Incredibly awsome as this new version. check it out in order to understand the story line. NICE JOB. 5meg is worth the wait for those with slower computers. I recommend this movie to anyone with good taste.

This was totally awesome!

This was a totally awesome movie! I can't wait for more! Heh, how many are you planning to make?


Enter it in some film festivals. great work.

Sarkazm responds:

i'm starting to think seriously of it now, BUT:
1.as you can see, it isn't even finished yet
2. i would probably have trouble with all the copyright stuff...

as an experienced animator with his own DVD in stores, maybe you could give me a couple of tips...


That was easily one of the best flashes I have EVER watched! That was truley amazing. Not eating, drinking, or bathing paid off my man! Damn!

Sarkazm responds:

waait... i didn't say anything about bathing...

Best sequel I've seen.

I thoroughly enjoyed your first Aura movie, and this one even more so. The world you display is a dark sci-fi masterpiece and the basis of the animations is profound. Keep up the damn good work!