Reviews for "Aura: story mode"

I want more

This movie was excellent. If a person didn't watch the first instalment of this then they don't know the whole story. So, I recommend watching Aura first. Very artistic piece of flash. I feel that if the artist really wanted to he could very well make this a movie. After watching this piece I wanted more. So I look forward to more of this work.

I'm speechless...

There is nothing I can say to express how I feel, this is a masterpeice. I love the aspect and the creative mind that the artist had used in this. I do want to know more, te first one before this was a good one, but this one tops that. I will enjoy the next one, if there will be another.


I take that back, amazing isn't a good enough word for what this is, they havent invented a word to describe this. Hope theres more of this, it's beyond creative and beyond brillant.

this is so......



That was fucking deep...please hurry with the next episode. I love the music in it. the one song is from 28 days later...damn good movie, but thats beside the point. Good Job.