Reviews for "Aura: story mode"

Very Impressive

This and the first one are very good movies. I think they are some of the best on Newgrounds. Keep it up.


really good i watched the first one 1 min before this ther both great they get my seal of approval also like the first this is something different


Creepy stuff... I like it... I watched the first movie and then this, and while both are quiet interesting and entertaining, this one is certainly a great improvement in all aspects. This... This is amazinging stuff. Defenatly a true work of art, and all around kick ass in all areas.


I saw the first aura quite som time ago and thought it was a good movie. Now today I found this, and its so much better! This is definately on of my all time NG favs!
And it inspired me to get into flash again!

I hope your really planning to do some more on this series.

I want more

This movie was excellent. If a person didn't watch the first instalment of this then they don't know the whole story. So, I recommend watching Aura first. Very artistic piece of flash. I feel that if the artist really wanted to he could very well make this a movie. After watching this piece I wanted more. So I look forward to more of this work.