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Reviews for "The Waters are Very Dangerous"

wow, very smooth

Great job on this one! It's definitely a good trance song, or even ambient.

DPK4 responds:

Thank you! That's what I was going for when coming up with the concept of this arrangement. Always being in an open, yet so confined space when traveling in the deep sea areas of this game. Very open yet condensed at the same time. Makes for a very interesting look on the areas. Especially since I took the liberties to play this song along side of me playing through the swimming levels. It's the best experience possible for this song, imho.


I love it for the actual music, and how it brings back memorys =].



Reminds me of the life I once had in California with my beloved father <3
thx for bringing back beautiful mmemories of my childhood in a wonderfully written musical piece... <3
Keep it coming.

The Adventures on The Open Sea

The ocean. She calls to us with such voices that we follow it. Three brave young men aboard their ship in search for treasure. As they fight off deadly pirates that come within their path. Then within a Kitchen a mother washing dishes looks out the window to see her three sons playing outside, using their imaginations. I remember a time like this, I even enjoyed a time like this... this song has given me some ideas and has helped me remember some things... for one I'm glad your song has helped me to remember some of my life, but at the same time I now hate you, but don't feel bad... that is the last thing I want to bear your shoulders. Your audio was very well done I do believe you could do better in the Classical genre, but exploring new genres is the purpose of a creator's existence... I for one know this quite well. Amazing audio, I can only hope you keep up the good work.


You Can Feel the Trance Between Your Teeth!

I love this, the diving into the ocean at the beginning with a little hesitation was amazing and the little beat you added near the one and a half mix was good and even though it was technoish, you added a little orchestration with the claves in there. Yes I am a percussion freak and I'm not afraid to say it. Keep up the awesome work!