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Reviews for "Inu Yasha: The Movie Trailer"

You are....

Genius if not Godlike Mr. Josh Tomar

Hilarious...simply hilarious


This was the funniest audio submission I've ever seen!1!1!1!1!
Bravo my friend Bravo.

"Iron Reaver Soul Stealer!"

"Damn it Sesshoumaru, stop breaking the fourth wall!"

Ha. :P


strawberry clock LOL man i was not expecting that lmao

Oh the irony.

Inuyasha is a mean guy on the outside, but nice on the inside, while Richard Ian Cox is a dick. Hes cool, but yea...still a jerk. (Great voice actor though)
Tomar ftw.
I can't imagine why I like inuyasha, but I don't recommend watching it (unless you want 300 episodes and no ending T.T)
That "OMG, It's a demon" line cracks me up.
Kagome sounds like Egoraptor.
You need to do more audio submissions, this and the demo are amazing =)
"I want to change the world!"