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Reviews for "Mountain Climber"

Jazz it up

Jazz it up is what I say and that's what you did here you really gave it that jazz feel and it progressively builds onto that I do think this was kind of a short piece but again I still enjoyed this for what it is and what it is is an amazing piece with some build up so my suggestion is to make this longer it's solid work maybe even adding more and other instraments to ad to the whole jazz feel would be a plus anyways nice vibe

Some added instraments for more of a jazz vibe



It's kindoff catchy but the beat gets a bit to reapeating for me.

And as for what "thedwexperience" was saying, he was pointing out that he really doesn't like computerised music in somewhat way because he means it doesn't take that much skill to make songs there.

I however think one needs a good ear for music to make good songs, and I think you got it Bryan


I enjoyed listening to this piece of music, you did a good job of the whole jazzy thing :D
the only thing i can comment on really is that it takes a while to get into the melodies and each melody isn't connected to the next one very strongly - also in the last section, the harmonies don't quite work, but maybe you intended that ;)

Overall, nice song but could do with a bit of improving. Still love it though! Bring out the parts which you find catchy and it could be a winner!


if you played the piano nice if it was as computer generated like the rest of it then, throw this shite away. learn to play a real instrument... then learn some music theory and then it wont take so much time puttin it together... for the guy at the top.... fast drums are in alot of jazz, you just dont know what youre talking about... also, for you dude, i hear alot of dissonance, it seems like that is popular with most music program kids.

linkbryan1126 responds:

i honestly have no idea what your trying to say

can you repeat it in another way?

Good job!

A nice track, but it tends to get a little booring over time. I think you need a stronger "hook" if you know what i mean - that is what makes one addicted to a track! Also you could raise the volume of the drums, and maybe slow them a little down (i mean, fast drums aren't very common in jazz..)

-Solid Electro

linkbryan1126 responds:

i can see your point about it getting boring over time, i think i should have changed it up more in the ending, but i dont agree with your take on the drums, as fast drums work fine, that and i dont like to be "common"

thanks for the review