Reviews for "Strawberry Clock"

Holy B! Bad ass!

I gotta give it to you, this art brings out the soul of SBC. This is truly who he is; the king in his complete glory. Very nice work, sir. Keep it up.

Long live the king!

That's perfect! The big hands make him seem so coarse. And with only a clock for a face you still manage to give him an expression that says: "You don't want to mess with me."

Great one.

Happy Clockday!

wow thats cool

A pefect picture i woud love to have at home!


Nice drawing, but whats wrong with his pinkie finger?

TheShadling responds:

Its a clock


now THIS should have been a maniacal Gorey mutilation pic, that clock doesn't deserve such glory

TheShadling responds:

Its a twisted world.