Reviews for "Pube Comedy"

That was funnier than evening at the improv

Hello my good flash author,

Now that was some hilarious flash, if I've ever seen hilarious flash, that surely ranks among the best. The real story was not at all like that. I met her in Yahoo, she was a woman. She was indeed an aboriginal. And it was fun the first few times. Then I realized I was doing wrong. So I stopped. But to tell you the truth my life is really confusing. I never really know who I am talking to online. If I had really realized that my g/f was actually Carmen Electra and not an ugly woman who sometimes looks like a homosexual transexual who looks like a woman or sometimes a man. Man .. How do you even tell? I mean, is it an ugly woman or a hot woman or an ugly man? I mean you don't want to insult the person in case it is a hot woman. But I'm so desperate for chat that I chat. WTF. What kind of woman is this? Is it just Carmen Electra who likes to stream an ugly video towards me to teach me a lesson? I can't tell! Somone help me! Does Carmen love me? I can't tell! Arrrgh. I am lost in confusion... All I know through this whole experience is that I think I actually love Carmen. I am losing my mind. And you aren't helping. And Carmen, if you're reading this baby. I love you and want you to have my baby. We would be so happy together. Once I get my pay cheque. Because you don't need a leech. Nobody does. And if I never get paid. Then I have to bust some knee caps. obviously. But I love you baby, come hell or high water. Whoever you are. I just hope you are actually who I think you are. In which case. Why don't you talk to me anymore baby? Seriously. Well. I need more cigars. Someday we'll be together hun. I hope. I know I'm a bit unstable. To say the least. And if you have homosexual friends I can be cool with that. But please don't ask me to pretend they are women. arrrrgh. Hun... Come back to me. I'll treat ya good. Honest injun. You hurt me bad baby. I can forgive that. We are a good team. Join me and together we can rule the universe. Well. I think I need to sleep now. Much love. Pube muppet

Long Live the Pube Muppet

I truly have become a loyal fan of Pube Muppet and I always will be. I've made it a habit of watching Pube Muppet all the time when I get the chance to.


that was beautiful man.. pube 4 eva!


The Pube Muppet should do more stand up comedy! Hahahahaha!!!!


hmm shall i just just watch it it can't be that bad jes it really is that bad come on it is 1 picture and one stupid speaklite voice