Reviews for "Pube Comedy"


why is PubeMuppte gay?


A good movie overall.... i gave it a 3


well u are a very mest up little kid who apparently loves to have gay sex and sodomize little children =/ i didnt find it funny really... anybody can write about fucking some little kid but it takes skill for something to actualy be funny... Damn Pedophile

Funny as a mofo!!!!

These things are hilarious!Rock on coleslawclock!And rock on pube muppet!!!!!!

Daily Number 1

I love Pube Muppet tails. He is such a good man and so is this Pube's works of art! This should be highlighted blue! This really deserves daily number 1 and should beat the flash movie "You Fucking Moron 3" and after that Pube Muppet should get every single movie of his daily number 1 for the next 100 years, yes that would be swell/

Coleslaw-clock responds:

What!!??!?!? ....1st time I hear you say something posative HardJudge.....

Well thanx ;)