Reviews for "Pube Comedy"


I would like to review this movie but first i would like to do many things to you. I would like to start by ass fucking you with a curling iron then i would like to plug it in and open it up while 10 dirty mexicans piss all over you and in your mouth. I would then like to gouge out your eyes with one of those sporks you get at kentucky fried chicken and then make love to your skull while pissing and shitting all over the room. Yes that would be swell!

Coleslaw-clock responds:

Right.....why don't you make a pube muppet movie with these words ??


That was grea dude! This movie is way under rated! You got to make more!


got 2 luv pubey!

u kno, one line made this great. "even inside his foreskin"

what were you thinking?

That was indeedfully disturbing. You clocks, you people are just somthing else....

when will it end

oh if only the whistle would have been blown! BLAM!