Reviews for "Retarded Windows Song"


All these sounds are on Windows Vista? if they are ive never noticed XD, anyways like always, ur work is teh best! keep it up 5/5


[#26 of all-time? Are you people insane? xD]

No It's just alot better than most of the stuff I think you've found your calling! Keep it up man! Next use phone sounds! Or microwave sounds! Or sumthin else like that.
Kick it


I really like this song...
its kinda ambiental and nostalgic


you did a phenomianal job!!!

even though i dont recognize some of the sounds, and i have had vista for quite some time now

ErikMcClure responds:

You can download the project zip to see that they are all windows sounds.


to me its hard to belive (not realy) that this is mmade of window vista sounds and i have like....three WV
heh....i wonder if i can get this song to play on the start up of one of my comp.
that would be nice.....

ErikMcClure responds:

You know that might actually be possible with some resource hacking...