Reviews for "Retarded Windows Song"


I was hesitant at first to believe this was created entirely with Vista sounds, but as I listened, I could recognize every single one of them. Well done!


to me its hard to belive (not realy) that this is mmade of window vista sounds and i have like....three WV
heh....i wonder if i can get this song to play on the start up of one of my comp.
that would be nice.....

Blackhole12 responds:

You know that might actually be possible with some resource hacking...

Sounds like that one song...

I can't remember the name it had Fantasy in it.

Blackhole12 responds:

Chaoz fantasy. The melody is reminiscent of it.


You got to make this into an entire song! Also I bet if you wouldn't have told anyone that this was made of windows vista sounds no one would have guessed that they were...

its cool

its kinda, idk.... not really....darn whats the word im looking 4????? its too, bouncey, thats it.