Reviews for "Retarded Windows Song"


You aren't kidding when you said this was made out of windows sounds? This isn't crap, and definitely no something to be ashamed of! This is dope!

amazing and epic

how the heck could you be ashamed of this?!?!?!? this is truly amazing. i could listen to it for hours on end without getting tired of it!


I would say 7/8th of the people who say vista sucks don't really know why it sucks. I do though, XD. For those reasons, I say XP doesn't suck as much, but I do know its sounds wouldn't have done this XD. Thanks!

Ubuntu FTW!.

This music FTW! 10/10


Vista SUCKS! But you were able to turn it into something good. Congrats man. This deserves a 10 but its getting a 9 because its Vista. Great work! :P


You can make even VISTA look good!