Reviews for "Angel Kryis"


Perrisimo, bro.

Every detail counts and DAMN, this is full of them. love the coloring to bits and the textures look AMAZING. props


Ya'll got tits on the brain - I didn't even notice them until they were pointed out by everyone. Perhaps it's not the artist who needs to stop worrying about tits, yea?

whitedevil0404 responds:

hahahahaha indeed, people worry to much about breast, maybe they dont know how they feel like, oh boy, brb going at my girls hehehe...


Your technic is awesome


I will try to review this in the most intelligent way possible:
"ZOMFG BEWBZ!!! @_@"

A little slice of heaven...in strange fox babe form?! Like!

Nice art but did ya have to "cut off" the fingers and hair? I mean its a real shame to do that with such detailed artwork... its almoust like a photo and in photography those "cutoffs" are not a good thing (usually). This would be an awesome desktop background.