Reviews for "Angel Kryis"

a really awesome krystal drawing, sir!
i like the shading/lighting effects, the colours, the pose, and the whole anatomy of the lady.
however, i have to agree with the reviewer below (VANZEMALJAC), and i have to say:
why did you cut off the fingers, and the hair on the left-hand area of the drawing?
this would be much better if it was completed, and/or at a bigger size.
other than that, ofcourse, the picture is perfect and weightless.
its awesome.

you have skills, my good sir! keep up the good work!

Nice art but did ya have to "cut off" the fingers and hair? I mean its a real shame to do that with such detailed artwork... its almoust like a photo and in photography those "cutoffs" are not a good thing (usually). This would be an awesome desktop background.

try to draw a modern Mona Lisa. Your style!

very nice

Your an amazing artist and THIS proves it!