Reviews for "Angel Kryis"


excellent in all its forms certainly is perfect not only for the color but also by the level of the look details and the elegance of the character.

a question because you can not enter "do you mind" in three browsers tested and I can not enter that ilustraccion

whitedevil0404 responds:

thanks for the words pal, glad you liked this one, it took me some time to finish hehehe

as for the broken image, I already reported it to the admins, I'm afraid we will have to wait and hope for it to be fixed :(

Finally An Awsome Furry Fairy

I give props to you because it's so sexy and the details on the wings and feathers are nice also you put some feminine abs on that art so... well dont got any words to say because it's just so F*CKING AWSOME!!!!


Perrisimo, bro.

Every detail counts and DAMN, this is full of them. love the coloring to bits and the textures look AMAZING. props