Reviews for "Angel Kryis"


Ya'll got tits on the brain - I didn't even notice them until they were pointed out by everyone. Perhaps it's not the artist who needs to stop worrying about tits, yea?

whitedevil0404 responds:

hahahahaha indeed, people worry to much about breast, maybe they dont know how they feel like, oh boy, brb going at my girls hehehe...


the breasts are waaaaay too big. it detracts from the picture imo.

awesome but..

you should consider the size of her breasts... Not everybody likes big breasts

Exilent job

Excellent piece, if only furrys were not the best artists. Anyways you can upload a link to an external site to "do you mind". There is plenty of them.


I think the picture would be cuter if her tits weren't bigger than her head. Really distracting. But other than that this was great. Good job dude.