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Reviews for "Gollum & Dr. Phil"

Not bad!

Not bad at all! That sounded like Dr. Phil in the episode where he wanted his fat peice of shit guests to smarten the hell up and get fit or else they'll be picked of for the rest of their life!

PRetty good

Thats pretty good for a first movie, keep it up :D.

It was missing something

It was a good idea but it was missing one thing, you should of had Gollum say "my precious at least once. decent movie

That was pretty funny

That was funny idea you came up with gollum and Dr Phil together but they have no chemistry together...none!

omg LEWL!!

That was just... oh, WELL DONE!! No really, I LOVED it! The graphics could've been better, but aside from that I need another new pair of pants.