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Reviews for "Strawberry's Computer"

totally great movie, man!

I agree with the last user, banyabeethovenpump, that you put up with too much shit from SBC, and he doesn't care if you kill yourself or not! I mean, when u shot yourself, he didn't even gasp, say "oh shit", or even get misty-eyed! he just shut off his computer and said, he was bored! you put up with too much shit from him! if anyone else, YOU should be the king of the portal, not SBC! I'm going to start a TC fanclub! all for u, man!

p.s. : I love turdclock's journey! make another!

the thumb: WAY UP!
for SBC: middle finger salute!

~thallid~, your #1 fan!


Another Turdish Triumph! B B


This is the best strawberry clock movie yet!!!
10 outta 10!
but you HAVE to tell me what voice u use for strawberry clock PLEASE! (im making a video and i want a short little cameo by him)


woot (25x)

YaY fucking hilarios


very funny