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Reviews for "Strawberry's Computer"


So funny, yet so sad.

Review for: Strawberry's Computer

I love your movies Turd Clock. They kick ass. When is part 2 of Turd Clocks journey due out?

This movie was as funny as hell. I love watching Turd Clock get used and abused.

Well anyway, I can't wait for the part 2 of turd clocks journey to come out.

In the words of strawberry clock "Get working on Turd Clocks Journey part 2 you piece of shit"!

TurdClock responds:

Thank you! people sure do like that Journey movie aye?


that was great and very funny more more!!!

TurdClock responds:


good stuff

great worK!

I lol'd.

That was awesome. I love when Strawberry clock takes off the mask, Turd Clock is like "Sweet mother of a sweaty.." yeah, you'll find out when you watch it.