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Reviews for "Strawberry's Computer"


i was busy with my projects and so i decited to go to NG..
and now i found this.
great. im totally insprired now.
all the happy colors and the music was great too
KEEP up the good work..
i will wait

TurdClock responds:


this is great i love it

and its better then strawberry's pistol GREAT WORK TURD CLOCK!

TurdClock responds:

thanks. I also think it's better than the pistol.

Finally a clock says it!

A clock says that Strawberry sucks. That's a 5

TurdClock responds:

but StrawberryClock does not suck in real life. he is the true king of the portal.


That was really cool, I like how strawberry bitch slaps turd around.

lol this is the funnyest clock video i love the part were he said "GET OUT YOU PIECE OF DONKEY SHIT" &"SWEET MOTHER OF A SWEATEY PENIS" LMFAO ROLF LOL