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Reviews for "Strawberry's Computer"


Boy TurdClock, I could kiss your face! *Smooch!*

Great Flash.

Its amazing how self rightious and closed minded people can be when they think there silly hatred makes them inteligent. Upgrade_f_J
proves how stupid the Clock haters by coming to a site of cartoons and asking why a Strawberry has a clock in it and talks, and then goes onto say that people who like the cartoon about the strewberry
with a clock in it "should shot", which of course, doesn't mean anything. Hes a good example of the type of people who hate clock flash just because it is clock flash. A moronic fool who clearly has no idea what hes talking about and has little understanding of what a quality flash is, and yet takes up a crusade against a group of people simply because its a fad to do so.
I hijacked a review to rant again didn't I? Well I better put in some actual input on the flash.

Graphics: All CC cartoons have good animation. 10/10.

Style: Its a fruit with a clock in it. Lol. 10/10.

Sound: The sound is supposed to be bad, but it was better than most CC sound. 7/10.

Violence: Wasn't much, but it wasn't badly used. 7/10.

Interactivity: It had a start button, and a replay button. 6/10.

Humour: Very well done here. You use the two characters very well, playing off each other, and even though its a turd and a fruit, the humour is pretty traditional at its core, and character driven rather than situation. 10/10.

Overall, this is a very high quality, great flash, and it is only by ignorence that it hasn't scored the much higher score it deserves.

A Great clockcrew flash

That was funny as hell, i liked it when strawberry says: SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN YOU BALLFUCK! I want to join the clock crew to! i just cant afford flash(will get in either this november or december)
LOL i watched this for the 10th time already to!HAHAHAHAHA!


HILARIOUS!!!!!! I love it when strawberry unmasks himself to turd.hahahahahahahah

What? No load bar?

Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! Ah well. This PWNZORD! :D