Reviews for "Dr. Demento's D&D"


The audio content is stolen from PS-Summoner and the animation is crap. a 0 for this one.

that was scary

Scary because I had friends just like that!

good regardless of reviews

I don't care what anyone said aout u ripping it off from napster, it was a very good film overall and I don't care if no one in the world liked it, i am gonna keep giving it 4's so that it can stay on. Even if saturday night live did it, I loved every second of it...
thank you and good night


Uh are you guys on crack?

OK first of all if you think this guy ripped it off the ps2 game the summoner game you guys are on crack, I've had this sound mp3 off of napster for over a year and a half, it's an old old old dr demento thing from I believe saturday night live or another show like that. The Summoner actually ripped it off them so now you can all feel stupid.

The whole sound thing was stolen (Summoner PS2)

The only thing I could give points for would be the graphics, but they're pretty basic. It was a good thought to expose this video to all the people who don't have PS2 or haven't found this on the web yet.