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Reviews for "Mystic Mansion - Sonic Heroes"

Scary and SWEET!

Awesome remix! That was a hard level too!

Sweet ass!

Nice one but hey I actually have a request. i no u probobly hear stuff like this a lot but still it just wouldent feel right not to at least ask. could u do prison lane from sonic adventure 2? i wont be disapointed if u dont, its just a request.

i have a request!!!

here are 3 ideas...
Emerald Coast from Sonic Adventure the first music you hear
Eternal Engine from Sonic Adventure 2
and, Hang Castle from Heros
if you know what those are (obviously Hang Castle) i like to hear what you can do with them! btw... Great Job!!!

DreamEater responds:

definately !

But pm me next time you have a request! D=
i just noticed this review today =o so yeah thats a good idea of how long it couold take if you don't =(
but yeah i'll see what i can do =]

~Dj Sonik


great =) u could do a little bit better

Very nice

You're really good at this