Reviews for "***AHAAAHHAHHAHA***"

i gave it a 4

idd give it a 5...But it was short

IsOnFire-2 responds:

Thanks! YEah, as I said, pretty short, just a small idea i thought up in (boring) Algebra 1. Ill probably make this like, a semi-daily thing, thinking of an idea per algebra class, though. :P


Nice flash..Good luck!!!

IsOnFire-2 responds:

Wow, a 10! Thanks!

Here is an idea...

Try to imagine other things...like hot chick!

IsOnFire-2 responds:

Haha, actually, in episode two there will be other "characters," so hang tight for a bit.

Very good.

Make it longer next time, please

IsOnFire-2 responds:

Oh its gonna be longer alright. Im 34 seconds in to the next one, and im nowhere NEAR done.

beats my early work....

that was pretty good. i won't mention how crappy the sound is cuz i know a lot of people said that.....i heard the star wars clone things :)